Gutteral Exclamations…in Jest

So today was quite the day. It began with the temperature dropping almost 20 degrees from the stifling humidity of two days ago. I decided to wear long pants, and whoa was it a good choice. After our bus ride up the winding hills to the campus, where I repeatedly bobble and come close to tumbling, we began our 15 minute walk to the cafeteria. Only today was different. A colleague introduced us to a shortcut, reducing our daily trek and my anxiety over where we might be going. After our ritualized breakfast of chocolate croissants and strong black coffee, we sang a rousing round of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sarah, Bridget, and someone else I haven’t yet met. After blowing out the candles, we prepared for another information filled day of ed tech!!!!

Today’s material was somewhat dry (behaviorism), but was balanced with invigorating conversation shared by my knowledgeable and worldly peers. We ended the day by downloading some new apps on the ITouch and beginning to unpack TPACK. I am very excited to begin my project and already have a perfect idea planned!

Wine. Cheaper than Oreos; Couldn’t ask for more.

But the day was only getting started.

After returning to my dorm room, I quickly fell asleep in the middle of reading about cognitive theory; clearly understandable. I was awoken by a knock at the door.

It was my neighbor, Gaston, inviting me over for cafe. I joined him a few hours later with the girls, and shared a tempting tiny cup of coffee, with deux sugar cubes. It was delightful. He also showed us You Tube videos of salsa dancing after we made it known that one of our bucket list Paris items is to go salsa dancing.

Useful French Phrases

He tried to help us find a hotel, also honestly and kindly suggested he might just drive us to Paris himself. However, despite our best efforts to communicate via our French phrasebook, there was still A LOT lost in translation. Sarah is still trying to contemplate what he was telling her about his pile of laundry.

Considering Safe Options

JP arrived to the rescue as he was able to help us with the hotel. This lead to an entertaining hour of hallway conversation (Meagan joined us too) in which we learned about the hard knocks life of Paris traveling, and frightening stories about people getting kicked and robbed. More seriously though, we learned the ins and outs of traveling and ideas of locations we couldn’t miss. I also ended up eating my dinner at this time, dried granola cereal. Not the greatest.

Gutteral Happiness

Highlight of my night though was the repeated gutteral exclamations emanating from Nichole’s excitement over her progress on movie maker.

At this point we are considering whether beer thirty or working out is a better choice, but either way this night will be one more epic experience in this French extravaganza. As they say here in France, vas-y mollo! And do it right 🙂


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