Bonjour ala Day One

Day 1

Last picture of me in America.

It’s been a few loooooong days.

Drive to Chicago.

Fly overnight to Paris.

Three hour wait for shuttle.

Two hour drive to Rouen.

Then, we only had an hour to prepare in our rooms after taking a two hour scenic drive from the airport. We seemed to drive through an endless number of small villages, all with the same front of old and original architecture. I also noticed a lot of flower boxes and shutters; shutters everywhere! The best word to describe it would be quaint. Moreso, I noticed how flat and green the landscape was everywhere. It was as if you could see forever, kind of like the feeling you get when driving through the flat states out west, except green and golden and luscious. Beautiful.

I was definitely feeling tiresome and frustrated when I opened my bag and found to my anger that the bounty wrinkle spray I had bought had repeatedly sprayed all over the contents of my backpack. Not the end of the world possibly, because even though wet, they sure smelled good! Except that they doused my leather bag (ahh!) which may be permanently stained, not to mention the rust colored stains that seeped into the surrounding white fabrics of many of my favorite pieces of clothing 😦

After a brief time to wash my sweaty face and pretend to unpack, we met downstairs and walked to Monet’s workroom through the cobblestone roads of Rouen. The streets were narrow and lined with interesting shops and sidewalk patios. We ended at the booming bells of the Cathedral, in time to enter the studio which was laid to excess with food, champagne, and such. After a few glasses of wine, everything was at ease, including the announcement that the Ipad touch in our room was ours to keep. I had a wonderful time chatting with the girls and was ready to hit the bed, though we decided to venture out with a few others to a local bar. I ordered a lager with orange bitters, in honor of French style! Definitely reached my max of drinking, sweat, and lack of sleep though. Cannot wait to pass out and find what tomorrow has to hold!


One thought on “Bonjour ala Day One

  1. HI Lindsay,

    It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time in France. Hope you get some sleep and miss you already.

    Love, mom

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