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Technologic Lip Dub

Day 3
Today I spent time spelling letters with my body in the grass, played a rousing game of Wizards and Giants on the lawn, and created a lip dub video to a Daft Punk song. Very pressing matters today in Rouen.</strong>

We went shopping and I bought some more wine, clearly a keeper because of the owl on the bottle. We also bought a few cheeses and are going to research some more kinds to get for a cheese tasting night. Totally excited! I just finished eating a croissant ala Nutella, which was absolutely amazing!

The weather has cooled down A LOT too from yesterday’s 90’s. It rained last night and now a cold front has moved in, the perfect temperature for pants or skirts. I woke up with my eyes swollen shut this morning and realized after a bit it wasn’t related to allergies because I had no other symptoms. I’m hoping it just means I was tired and that the weather tonight will be perfect for sleeping.

Well after a rousing round of articles to read…we decided to create a lip dub practice run to the song Technologic by Daft Punk. Two hours later, we pretty much nailed it. I feel like I might actually be really good at this, not to brag or anything…you definitely want to watch this one.


One thought on “Technologic Lip Dub

  1. yellow birds are stalking me now!!! one watched me run on the treadmill for an hour at the gym yesterday! owls and yellow birds ahhhh!!

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