Time is Subjective. Apparently.

Well here’s a goodie! Somehow my alarm clock does not know how to keep time accurately here in Rouen. I woke up to see that it was 4:30, and though that is fairly early, I had allergies and felt like getting motivated. I did pilates, contemplated going down to the gym, cleaned some more stuff up, and was thinking of getting dressed when I picked up my Ipod and realized it was only 2:45 in the morning! Superspeed alarm clock apparently! So I changed the converter from high to low, and guess what? Now the alarm clock is slowly but surely falling behind. So the question becomes, how will I make sure to get up on time? I can set an alarm on my Ipod, but I have nothing to plug it into to make the sounds (unless I just keep the earbuds in all night, which may actually be helpful in blocking out this high pitched buzzing/air moving noise that is driving me bonkers! I could try the Ipod touch that I just received too, yeah except that won’t even sync with my Itunes. Grr! Maybe thing aren’t meant to work right when you haven’t slept in days and all you need is some serious rest!

Whew, it was a hot one! The food at the cafeteria was amazing. I love how the French eat chocolate in everything; though not a lot. Just small pieces in the pasteries and granola, and it makes for a perfect meal! I also had a veggie pizza for lunch which was good. Dinner: sausage with the spiciest dijon mustard ever and macaroni and cheese ala water. Yeah, we had to improvise, but the food was good and the company even better. Even though my comrades were feeling tipsy off a half glass of Rose wine. Now I’m sitting here indulging in my own glass of a Chateau Lauron Fronton. It is a medium body with a bit of a dry finish, just perfect for the warm evening. The best part is that wine here is cheaper than both chewing gum and oreos! Seriously, how is that even possible? My window is open and I really enjoy the noises of the city and the view off to the higher hills of Rouen. Our bus drive to the campus takes about 15 minutes, winding up those hills; they suggested you could rent a bike and ride if you would like, but it’s pretty clear that won’t happen for me.

After putzing around and window shopping while trying to seriously food shop, I cannot wait to get the chance to spend some money myself. I also signed up for future interest in cooking, wine tasting, and additional tours. Ah, all of this in four weeks!

I am most looking forward to sleeping well this evening 🙂

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