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Walking the Slackline

Today began just as any other day. Pretty mundane. Until it was time for the TeachMeet Sessions where we learned how to walk, balance, fall, and look ridiculous while balancing on a slack line. IT was such a rush; we had to keep trying, until we reached our goals! Mine was three steps: achieved. Nichole managed to get halfway across though like a true professional. I am still trying to understand where my cheerleading balance and ability to balance on one leg has truly failed me.

Easy does it…

After class, we met as a group to head down to Happy Hour. So there are about three cafes and two restaurants on every single street here; it’s kinda like heaven for me. However, after getting separated from our group, it took a wandering, rambling hour to actually find our way to the correct location. In all honesty, we actually had to have a woman walk us there….where we waited 35 minutes without service. And then, we we decided to leave.

We headed elsewhere for drinks and dinner to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. Then, we ended up randomly gathering friends to head out to the club. The upstairs karaoke bar was packed; the downstairs American hip hip only slowly gained a crowd. Let’s just say….it was a long night.


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