Bonjour ala Paris

Our first big trip! After taking the train into Paris, we spent the morning climbing the steps of Notre Dame. Tiny, narrow, winding, and never-ending stairs. It’s almost been a week, and I still have cramps in my calves (yeah, so I’m out of shape). The view from the top spread out across the whole city. Gorgeous. And so was the day….sunny and warm but not hot.

So we followed the tour up with a boat ride through the city to see many of the most famous attractions. I took lots of great pictures of things that I have no idea of what they are. Typical? After, we traveled by foot to shop and stop by more spots (The Louvre, The Arc, etc.) Then the day got interesting.

We were planning to stay the night in a hotel and we had tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower at 11 pm (as it’s supposed to be prettiest to see when lit up at night). However, after an hour of searching through the sketchier side of town, we came up empty handed. To top it off, our group  had split in two earlier and we needed to wait for random phone calls from the other girls (made only when they could ask a stranger to use their phone). They had planned to rent bikes and visit the Catacombs. They didn’t have a pin card for the bikes and by the time they walked to the Catacombs, the site was closed.

After another hour or so of finally meeting up with the girls, almost losing Meagan on a different subway train, and hardly being able to walk….we made it back to the Eiffel Tower. We decided to get food from the street: including nutella and banana crepe! Then we ate our picnic under the Eiffel Tower, a huge party celebration place. Men circled with Champagne and wine for purchase, and bartering down became our game….thus, we ended up drinking our fair share. The tickets ended up a loss, but our time was unforgettable.

Once we made it back to the train station, we were bummed to find we could not board an earlier train (we missed the last exchange time) and were going to have to wait there from 11 p.m to 5 am. To top it off, the restroom was closed. So there were no facilities. Luckily, Theresa and Sarah managed to convince the conductor to let us on anyway…and a brief nap later and short walk, we were home!

Photo Album for Paris


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