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Bourbon in the Mornin’

Traveling the Bourbon Trail in KentuckyIt wasn’t that long ago (maybe five years) when I was a strictly liquor girl. Let me re-phrase that. Strictly vodka. Or girly martinis. Or sugary mojitos. Typical. But shortly after meeting Dan, I not only became a more adventurous eater, but a more discerning drinker as well. Porters. Stouts. Full Bodied Cabs. Dirty Martinis. My new staples.

Still, there was no room for whiskey or bourbon on my palate. That is, until my family decided to head down to Kentucky for a weekend of bourbon tasting. Now I’ve been wine tasting, but I didn’t even know there was such a thing as the Bourbon Trail. Turns out they are more similar than different.

The afternoon was spent driving through rolling hills of green grass and white picket fences (exactly what you would picture Kentucky to look like). Most of the stops featured a picturesque tasting room, usually with sprawling lawns and wide porches. Behind the buildings, you could see large warehouse distilleries or go on guided tours. We opted to stick with the whiskey and rocking chairs…..and the occasional turkey.

The most whimsical stop was Woodford Reserve, with a huge back deck lined with picnic tables and laid back chairs. At Wild Turkey, they allowed you to sample two whiskeys of your choice x 3 people = 6 different tasters. Suffice it to say, things got a little “wild.” But our favorite sample (of both bourbon and bourbon balls) was at Barton’s…where I also had the pleasure of hugging the world’s largest barrel. Woo hoo!

Whether straight shot, flavored, or with an ice cube to cut, the morning of bourbon tasting gave me a whole new appreciation for strong, smoky flavors. It also proved to be a fun, out-of-the-ordinary weekend trip with some of my favorite family members!


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