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Cake Pie

This is actually one of Jon’s ideas, but I suppose I feel at liberty to share it since I produced his infomercial and all.

I can’t even say where the conception of this idea came from, other than a natural craving to mix two beloved foods into one.  Is it possible to indulge in richness of moist chocolate cake while at the same time partaking in the sweet-tart flakiness of cherry pie? Of course it is–why not?

Leave it to Sue.  My Aunt is one crafty woman, especially when it comes to the kitchen. She manages to make the most complex dishes look simple, always finding just the right ingredients to leave your mouth watering. She’s also an adept professional–one time I watched her prepare an apple pie by coring and peeling apples with a paring knife, with grace and effortlessness unmatched. Can I tell you how long it takes me to core and peel ONE apple (because I practiced this skill multiple times for a Thanksgiving recipe). It took me 15 minutes filled with starts & stalls and bumbled edges. In that same time, Sue probably would have finished 6 apples while holding a conversation, and moved on to the next step in her recipe.

Suffice it to say– the woman is incredible in the kitchen.

So when Jon described his tempting dream of slicing into a warm chocolate cake to find the delight of a pie baked within it, Sue was game to test it out. Here is a recap of her final creation and the sales pitch to sell it:


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