Baby Steps

Weddings. Meh. I decided a few years back that I would try everything to avoid the stereotypical wedding–if I ever ventured into marriage in the first place. I argued, why would anyone want their “one most special day” to be highly typical and reminiscent of every other girl’s “one most special day?”  To help you imagine what this original conception led me to, here is an outline of my initial dream wedding plan:

  • Absolutely no diamonds.
  • The dress would be a bold color. White is for babies.
  • Most wedding dinners are blase at best.
  • Dinner will not be served.Drinks. Drinks. Cocktails. Drinks.
  • No static seating.
  • Black tie affair.
  • No children invited. period.

While I still agree with this sentiment against cookie-cutter traditions that are truly meaningless to the people involved, let’s just say I’ve scaled back my deviation from expectations. My aversion to get any ring with a diamond (believe it or not) morphed into some traditional bling bling once we got to the jewelry store. As a rule, I don’t wear rings in the first place; and the last thing I wanted was to wear a big ol’ diamond in representation of a “tradition.”  However, even though I ended up with a diamond, I still opted for one with an original shape and design. Every time I show it to people, the first reaction is that they’ve never seen a ring like it. Bingo. Now that is the reaction I was going for….even if I went with the diamond after all.

I think the choices we make in life should represent our own creativity, values, and interpretation of our world. For some people, upholding conservative tradition fits the bill. But my own self-evolution has revolved around bucking those traditions that I can’t find meaning or purpose in. My perception is unique to me, and I only hope that my decisions and choices in life can reflect that vision of how I hope to construct my own meaning in this world.


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