Free Ideas

One-Legged Challenge

We may not all have the grace of elite ballerinas or the flexibility and balance of gymnasts and cheerleaders, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all find appropriate times to stand on one leg and pose in public.

Now I know you might be thinking this is just like planking…or owling…or any of those other things people do randomly in public. But this one actually has some inherent value beyond simply drawing attention to yourself.

To begin, a lot of creativity can go into pulling off your one-legged stunt–it is not limited to a specific form and body position. A few varieties include the liberty, kerrigan, heelstretch, scale, bow n arrow, and pretty girl, just to name a few. Our personal favorite, however, is the arabesque.

In addition to displaying your creativity, it allows you to get a fairly accurate measure of sobriety. It is more useful when you can compare your pre-party state of balance to your ongoing condition throughout the night. You can think of it sort of like a free breathalizer you can carry along wherever you go.

However, don’t think this is limited merely to drinking excursions; it makes a fun past time for any lazy afternoon or intensely heated battle. Compete against friends or work to beat your own best time. Or possibly even mix-it-up by trying to combine as many different varieties as possible–all without setting your foot down for balance.

*For a twist, try to perform these one-legged acts of extreme balance on elevated structures. It will test your concentration, focus, and core-strength, as well as the possible sanity of your friends as well. You might begin by testing your balance and stability on the structure in a standing position before moving to more complicated varieties.


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