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Lighten the Mood with Airplane Rides

We’ve all been there–probably as guest and host. You’ve been at a party for some time now. Casual conversation and friendly greetings long behind, people are milling about for something to do. You’ve thought of board games or cards, but those can take awhile to organize and can sometimes feel exclusive. Or, you may have just decided you need to do something to liven up the party and get people mingling. Or, maybe you are just bored, had a couple drinks, and looking to entertain yourself. You no longer care about becoming a spectacle, and there is no one you are trying to impress anyway. If you’re stuck in any of these boats, here’s a free idea to try out: airplane rides.

Now there are a couple prerequisites to cover before getting ahead of ourselves.

  1. Make sure there is ample room to attempt this. The last thing you need is to crash into something breakable or break yourself.

    Watch out for furniture and breakables

  2. It’s probably better to know a good number of people at the party, or at least have made friends who are willing to have a little fun. Strangers might find this amusing, yet not be moved to partake.

    Great form

  3. Start with the most feasible options first: natural flyers, natural bases. It won’t take long before the tiniest guy there is trying to lift the biggest guy, so make sure everyone gets ample time to warm up the mechanics.

    Gets everyone involved!

  4. Finally, it’s a good idea to place a few spotters on the side. Though it appears harmless, don’t forget, you’re not in your teens anymore.

    Safe spotting

The rest is common knowledge. Give each other airplane rides. Makes for great photo ops and will help you easily meet new people by making yourself the center of attention.

*For a twist, try it with an added element of danger. For example, place a samurai sword in your mouth. Guess who’s getting laid tonight??

Element of danger


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