Free Ideas

Building a Wedding Website

He proposed. I accepted. Now it’s business time.

One of the first things I got started on was creating our wedding website. I previewed a few different wedding sites and set up some samples…but I just ended up frustrated. The templates and formats were so restrictive. I wanted my page to capture the feel of the wedding itself–something I had yet to determine. All I knew was that the pre-fixe templates were not inspiring. I also wanted to feature a slideshow video, pages for the wedding party, and customize how and where items were arranged on the page. And I didn’t want to spend money to do it. So I gave up… and just created my own site.

I’ve used Wix to create sites before (my professional portfolio for one) and decided to try it again. At first, the site can seem overwhelming and confusing, especially trying to figure out how all of the parts work together. With a little time and clicking around though, editing becomes both easy and highly customizable. You don’t have to know any fancy codes or really anything about web design or publishing. You just have to be patient. The best part–Wix websites are free! You can include videos, audio, images, and edit until four in the morning without having to upgrade.

So after a bit of time and energy, I created my own site to document all of the important details of our upcoming celebrations. And it is finally ready to go live!


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