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Timeless Holiday Tradition

This tradition did not arise out of a desire to make my Christmas tree ugly. Growing up, I always thought one day I would create one of those highly structured, color-coded trees. Then I realized, those trees lack even an ounce of personality and are actually quite boring to look at. Luckily, department stores and craft stores alike are just begging us to make our trees as whacky, gaudy, and irrelevant as possible, so there was no shortage in seeking out personality for my tree.

In 2007, Dan and I bought our first Christmas tree. I had a small box of ornaments I’d been given over the years (mostly animals, some Santas, of course the quintessential “Lindsay” ball). But this small amount would not suffice for the tree we bought. So off for ornament shopping we went!

After packing the cart with shiny red balls, glittering gold balls, giant snow-laden balls, and glammed up green trees, it was time to add in some novelty items. A pair of ice skates. Two red birds. An angel. A star. A bell. A present. Blah. Blah. Blah.

The question then arose–who in their right mind buys some of these ornaments? Have you ever walked down the aisle at Hobby Lobby or Meijer and wondered who actually pays for a replica Santa grilling a steak with a beer in hand? Or the pig in the tutu on point? Or all of the forgotten looking scrappy home-made editions? Well, let me answer that question for you–we do.

Our tradition was born–each year we would buy one new “ugly” ornament to somehow outdo the ugliness of the year before. So now featured in all their full glory–feast your eyes on this one of a kind collection of ornaments!


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