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Grand Rapids Brew Tour

Typical Saturdays are either boon or bust with so much running around it makes me exhausted to think about, OR exhaustion induced by too much time on the couch with Lifetime movies. Every so often, we get one of those Saturdays with an open agenda and enough ambition to head out for something new. Now sometimes my “ideas” can get a little eccentric or overly spontaneous and usually get scaled back to more modest proposals. But sometimes, I actually have an acceptable idea with willing friends to tag along. Hence the Local Brew Tour.

Why wait for some expert taster to put together a list of spots and taps to try, when you can do it yourself with a computer? Just in the last few weeks I have  heard of three new micro-breweries opening, and there are still more relatively new ones I’ve enjoyed to go along with the standard favorites. So it sounds about time for another Brew Tour, at least before the winter weather sets in again.

Here’s a recap of our Spring Tour from 2011:

Walldorff Brew Pub & Bistro, Hastings MI: This one was a total drive by drop in! We were actually headed to stop #2 when we drove through downtown Hastings and decided to make a stop. Our “stop” turned out to be a little longer than expected, with a super friendly bartender who sampled just about everything for us. And got us in the right state of mind for the rest of the trip…


Arcadia Ales, Battle Creek MI: Now this was our central destination. I am such a huge fan of Cocoa Loco, and I also really enjoy the Loch Down Scotch Ale. Have to say we were a little bummed that the beers on tap were all the same brands you can buy in the store (not exactly an incentive to visit the pub). However- my sister still talks about the BBQ pulled pork .


Bell’s Brewery, Kalamazoo MI: On our way back to GR, we swung through Kalamazoo and stopped at Bells. This was one stop we’ve all made before, so we knew what to expect. Nothing truly exciting to add to the hype already surrounding Bells. Let’s just say…we were fairly cashed at this point.

What is even going on here @ Bells?

Then for some unknown reason, we decided to stop at Gun Lake Casino on our way back down 131. How convenient. At this point, I started drinking vodka.

Possible Additions for a Fall Tour 2012:

Of course you can also waste your time at HopCat, Brewery Vivant, or stop by Founders for the 1 millionth time too. The best part is you can hit them all within a 30 minute radius. Not bad GR, not bad at all.


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