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Record a Movie Trailer…Podcast Style!

So this idea begins as a synthesis of  a podcast class project I have my students create each year and those 1 minute movie trailer genre remixes.  You know, the ones that utilize editing and text to create alternate (and sometimes disturbing) interpretations of popular movies? If you haven’t seen one, check out this horror story version of Mary Poppins:

Classroom Version:

So typically, students go through a literature circle type unit before the culminating project of creating a trailer for the book in the form of a podcast. I am more amazed each year at the quality of the work and engagement of the listening audience in response to the final pieces. They also make a great collection of potential book talks to share with future classes.

Here’s an example from my current students Tyler and Kyle.

Free Idea Version:

For this bored Saturday night with friends version, you take the concept of paring a movie down to key scenes and lines in order to share a vague concept of the movie as a whole. Then, you record the segments to piece together as a podcast complete with music and sound effects. Okay, I’ll admit it–this one might require a glass or two of wine just to lower everyone’s inhibitions before getting started. Or if you are like some of my friends, everyone is down with acting a bit goofy whenever the opportunity arises. So size up your contributors (and what contributions need to be made) before getting started.

In the past, I preferred to use the now defunct Audacity for these projects. However, you can also utilize GarageBand or Audacity (a free download for those without the aforementioned Mac software). The first couple recordings might be rough, but once you get started, the ideas will just keep flowing…and the laughter will just keep rolling. Another classic way to spend a holiday night aside from watching one more made for tv movie.

Here is a listen of our attempt at Jurassic Park!

For a twist: We like to engage in these *off the wall antics* while working on puzzles. It is somewhat of a family tradition. Apparently, doing puzzles makes you a bit crazy…


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