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How I Killed a Sunday Afternoon

I am a type-A workaholic. I will admit it. And when I’m not working for my job, or taking classes, or doing part time work, or coaching, or planning for my wedding, or inflating some other minor activity into an overblown and time consuming obsession….well then I just am not sure what to do with myself. I don’t watch television. I don’t enjoy the movie theater. I don’t like reading in the middle of the day (for whatever reason). So mostly I just find places to go sit and enjoy adult beverages. But even that can’t fill a whole day…

So here’s a look at how I spent my Sunday, along with some possible pointers for how to spice up your own life!

1.  Started my day with some Pinterest muffins. You already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen, and the whole thing took like 25 minutes. Easy peasy; really, nothing too exciting to say about them. They tasted like donuts. Kind of.


Donut Muffins!

2.  I spent a good hour or two on cheer stuff….but I’ll just skip to what happened next for the sake of sanity.

2.  Went to a Bloody Mary bar. I’ve pretty much got my recipe down to a system now:

  • Start with Absolut Peppar–or whatever spicy vodka is available
  • Add a couple shakes of hot sauce and worcestershire
  • Pour in some Bloody Mary Mix… The Works if possible.
  • Drop some dashes of celery salt and whatever other canisters are lurking around.Today–dry mustard
  • Get some Dill Sauce into the mix and then spoon in some horseradish…stuff
  • Put in anything else that you don’t really know what it is but want to look like you know what you’re doing. Then pour this into the tin shaker and back into your glass and back and forth a few more times.
  • Leave room for your garnishes. Enjoy!

3.  Last week we bought Yahtzee as a gift to ourselves while Christmas shopping. True bargain value- only a $7.00 game! While enjoying those Bloodies, we rattled off seven rousing rounds pretty much splitting the difference. Okay, I came out the loser.

4.  Instead of eating at the restaurant we’d already been sitting at for the past two hours, I picked a surprise destination. Ruby Tuesdays. Dan–though clearly annoyed– was forced to guess the entire drive there. We rarely eat on 28th Street and have never been to Ruby Tuesdays, so it ranked a 22/25 on the scale of most surprising stops. I was just in the mood for a salad bar.

5.  I think you are supposed to wash and clean your makeup brushes regularly, or at least sometimes. I have done it once before. Since I have this great conditioner (that came with my brushes) actually recommended by people who care about their makeup and supplies, I decided it was time to get my hands dirty. Unfortunately, this only killed about five minutes, if you don’t count the fact that they are still drying on their own.


Dirty Brushes

Welp, I suppose all that remains in store for me today is this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, which I don’t even really enjoy watching. But after spending the entire day trying to stay occupied, I guess I just give up. At least I can say I ate well, drank well, and enjoyed some good laughs….plus I’ll have clean brushes for tomorrow!

PS- This is what melted butter and a plastic brush look like when you leave them sitting on the counter all day.



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