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Daily Prompt: I just want a puppy.

Slash and Burn: Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post.


Lenny, our family dog. I would just take him, but they won’t let me. I’ve considered stealing him sometime in the night. I don’t think he would bark too much…

I’ve wanted a dog forever. The doctor said a wiser choice would be fish, since I’m allergic to everything. Nevertheless, my Dad proceeded to purchase a 120 pound german shepherd. Eventually my allergies adjusted enough for us to “co-exist.” When she passed away, we switched to hypoallergenic choices: Lenny, a fluffball Bishon, and Roarke, a rescue Maltese. Poor Roarke can blame his name on my sister, who had just finished reading another Ayn Rand novel….

After moving out, I wanted a little furry companion too. My parents argued I wasn’t responsible enough. Crickets. My entire life I’ve been chided for being overly-responsible and needing to relax; what the hell kind of excuse was that? So they argued I was too busy. This was true. I was never home. So I held off–until this past fall.

I quit my full-time teaching job and moved in with my fiancee. Now, someone is always home. Another excuse made void! Finally, I had outlasted all roadblocks to my lil’ pup!

But now it’s a money thing. Upcoming grad school and a summer wedding make money tight. I suggested we give ourselves a dog for Christmas and ask family members for the rest (a cage, dish bowls, a gift certificate for getting hair did). But alas, to no avail.

Maybe I should stop basing decisions on everyone else. I’ve disregarded advice on everything from food and wine to major life decisions, so why stop now? I just want my own puppy 😦


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I just want a puppy.

  1. It’s sort of like you took the words out of my mind. I’ve wanted a puppy [or dog rather] for so long. When living with my parents we had a golden retriever, but he was an outside dog and really “my dad’s” dog, but I never had one of my own. Once I moved out I always lived in pet free places so could never have any. Finally I decided to break the rules and ended up with two cats, because there would be a much smaller chance anyone would detect they were there. Now I have no idea if I’d be able to find a place that will allow me to have 3 pets. Even if I could, I would constantly be basing my decision on what everyone else thought. I think you should go with what you think you should do. If you’re prepared for a puppy, I say get one. Life flies by too quickly to not follow your heart’s desires.

    • You’re absolutely right–life does go by too quickly to waste time wishing for something….make your reality what you want it to be. Hearing someone else say it just reaffirms it 🙂

  2. I got mine yesterday …I am out of work and to many it seems daft to get a pup now BUT (supporting the Just Do It approach here) (1) I have the time to settle him into my household and bond with him (2) he gives me a reason to get up on a morning instead of hibernating (a 9 year old dog lets me hibernate because he knows he always gets fed even if later that usual) (3) When I knew the litter was on the way I stated I wanted pick of the boys and his name would be Dicey (it was an cross breed mating so who knew what would arrive?) … he is the only black pup in the litter of four and he has white markings so very like dice in colour – it was meant to be … never a good idea to argue with fate and serendipity! … so have you got that pup yet? If you are ready … just do it!

    • See, that is how I interpret life too. Sometimes people don’t see the opportunity within certain circumstances, only the limitations. Being able to acknowledge and move on serendipitous moments is something I strive for as well. Sounds to me like your choice was the right one! As for me….just scheduled to meet some pups this weekend!! Couldn’t be more excited!

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