Free Ideas

Ode to Pinterest

Pinterest, oh Pinterest! How you’ve been so good to me, and yet so very, very bad.

I have found so many delicious recipes perusing your pins that I can easily overlook the few bland ones I’ve been suckered into trying.

However, I can’t share the same sentiment when it comes to your crafts.

I have failed at sticking fake flower stems into Styrofoam balls in order to create hanging flower ball thingies–it took me four hours to finish one half of one golf sized ball. And I was done.

I have failed at transferring pictures to canvas though modpodging gluey substances and peeling off crumbles of wet paper, which as anyone who knows me can attest to–little wads of paper give me the creeps!

I have failed at your tempting claim to decorate white mugs with Sharpie markers and porcelain markers and all of the above, and I dutifully scripted Galadriel’s speech from LOTR on a set of mugs for Tina–not once but again twice, after it washed off the first time.

But I have finally found success!! Simple. Harmless. Ego in tact. The burlap and twine party banner was a successful project I can’t wait to put on display for our wedding. And I could not have done it without your inspiring pins and ideas.

Lovingly yours,




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