Introspection & Reflection

Never Letting Go

Daily Prompt: BFF’s

Defining the person I’m closest to is a bit all-encompassing. Maybe I’m just too picky or complicated to commit myself to just one BFF. Or maybe that makes none of them truly BFF’s. I good friend once told me not to hold out for  a partner who was a perfect match —  if he was 90% right I should always remember the reason we have friends is to fill the other 10%. Interesting perspective and definitely reminds me that while no one person can meet me at every level or interest area, that is why I surround myself with dynamic people who brighten and liven up my life in so many different ways.

That being said, obviously the person who is closest to me is that Mr. 90% and the most important lesson he’s taught me is     TO LET GO.

Let go of fear. Let go of insecurity. Let go of regret. Let go of failure. Let go of rules. Let go of boundaries. Let go of ritual. Let go of routine. Let go of inhibition. Let go of perfection. Let go of comparisons. Let go of criticism. Let go of anxiety. Let go of limitations.

Something so hard to do for a Type-A, perfectionist, over-achiever filled with contradictory passions and fleeting images of elusive wants and needs that never need filling in the first place. He is what grounds me without asking me to let go of my dreams. Instead, those are the one thing he makes sure to encourage and support me to hold tightest of all.

And for that, I will never let go of him.


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